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Make 'n Take ̵ Constructive Fun for Boys and Girls!

Building model kits is a hobby kids can enjoy for a lifetime. It's fun, creative, and constructive! Children can develop valuable skills such as: patience, attention to detail, and the ability to follow instructions. Benefits include providing them with a strong sense of accomplishment.

Revell started the Make 'n Take program several years back after conducting similar programs at large events attracting thousands of people, such as auto races and trade shows. We brought a truckload of our snap together Skill Level 1 model kits, a carload of people to help supervise the youngsters and the response was overwhelming. There were many smiling faces and every child went home with a car or plane that they built all by themselves. Many, many folks asked how they could set up a similar event in their neighborhood or hometown. And so, the Make 'n Take program was born. Soon after and thousands of events later, it's still one of our most popular programs.

The concept is quite simple: Revell will offer you a carton containing 25 model kits at a very low cost, all the same so all the participants are working on the same project. No glue or painting is needed!  Choose between a car or an aircraft kit. The kits currently available are either:

  • SnapTite® Skill Level 1
  • SnapTite® Build & Play™

Click on image to see a larger view.

PLEASE NOTE: Contents of the Make ‘n Take carton may differ depending on which type of kit you choose: Skill Level 1 kit OR Build & Play. Please click on the individual items for complete details.

To order a Make 'n Take™ kit for your event, please contact Revell at 888-598-8226.

Revell Inc. has partnered with GOODGUYS ROD & CUSTOM Association, NSRA (National Street Rod Association), SUPER CHEVY SHOW and CAR CRAFT to sponsor Make 'n Take™ events nationwide. Click here to access event schedules for 2014.

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