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1/18 Opel Kapitan, red

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1/18 Opel Kapitan, red Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-8492

Scale: 1:18

The first post-war Kapitän went into production in 1949. In the following years three model variants came out, among which the 1958 model with the works designation "Kapitän P" attracted attention due to its very American styling. Already in 1959 a new Kapitän had come out, under the works designation "Kapitän P-VL", which made up the shortcomings of its predecessors. The body was larger and the front roof supports at the sides of the wide panorama windscreen, the so-called Z-pillars, no longer made it difficult for the passengers to get in and out. The roof over the rear seat was now higher and the rear doors opened wider. In addition, the obviously American lines had become less conspicuous. The solid, robust six-cylinder engine that was used from now on had a capacity of 2605 cc and developed 90 bhp. It was now not only quieter running but also more powerful. The platform type frame was welded to the superstructure which gave the car great torsional resistance. The dashboard was clearly laid-out, functional and contemporary, the roomy interior well appointed. The Kapitän offered proper armchair comfort on the front bench seat or optional separate seats. The car was quiet to drive, comfortable and safe, but it also offered power and speed and an attractive design. The fully-automatic gear box known as the Hydra-Matic that was available from 1960 onwards was popular with many customers. The top speed of the Kapitän was a mighty 150 km/h. All of this, together with an economical price (1962 model with Hydra-Matic DM 11,975), explains why the P-LV, including all special editions up to November 1963, rolled off the lines 145,600 times. No other Kapitän ever reached such high production figures.

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