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Estes Control Mad Cat

Fly a blue streak anywhere in the house!

It's true; at less than 7-1/2" long, the Mad Cat can fly just about anywhere in the house: down the halls, up to the ceiling, into the garage — the possibilities are endless, and the convenience is top-notch. The Mad Cat comes out of the box with everything in place and a light, compact controller for effortless flying. Charge the onboard flight battery, slip "AA" cells in the controller and you're ready to take it on a tour of the house. But remember: safety first. Check the area before you fly, to make sure it's clear of obstacles, people and pets.

Skill Level 2

Great for fliers with some experience.

The Mad Cat has all of these features!


Flies just like a full-size heli: right or left, up or down, forward or reverse — any way you like!


Flies easily in any open indoor area.


The LiPo flight battery connects directly to the controller for fast recharging.


A gyro provides smooth and stable flight.


Track your flight by the built-in LED lights.


  • The assembled helicopter
  • Controller
  • LiPo flight battery
  • (4) Spare main blades
  • Spare tail rotor
  • Requires:  

Coaxial design: an Estes Control advantage.

All Estes Control helis are coaxial helis with two sets of main rotor blades. In single-rotor helis, the blades rotate in only one direction, which makes the heli handle differently, depending on which way it turns. In coaxial helis, the two sets of blades rotate in opposite directions, so the heli will handle the same way no matter which way it turns. Coaxial design offers other benefits, too: it makes helis more stable and easier to hover.

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