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An explanation of Revell's Level System

Revell has implemented a new level system in 2016. This level system starts at 1 to introduce the model building experience to the younger modeler. The highest level is 5 - suitable for an advanced model builder. The new system will now deliver a complete selection of products that fill the need of the novice model builder to the highly skilled and experienced model builder, because model building knows no age limit!

Level 1: SnapTite® Build & Play™ Age: Beginner, 6-8 year olds, Features: Full play value, stronger materials, de-gated pieces. Build time: Up to 30 minutes.
Level 2: SnapTite® Age: 8-10 year olds, Features: More pieces than Level 1, limited play value. Build Time: Up to 1 hour

Level 2: SnapTite® Max™ Age: 8-12 year olds, Features: More pieces than Level 2, larger scale. Kits contain chrome plated parts and peel & stick decals. Build Time: Up to 1 hour.
Level 3: Pre-decorated: Age Intermediate experience as young as 10-12 year olds, Features: Model kit that introduces the use of glue. Vehicle body comes pre-painted and finished. Transitions builder to all glue and paint kits. Build Time: 3 hours
Level 4: Glue & Paint: kit Age: Casual builder, as young as 12 and up, Features: Full glue and paint kit up to 100 pieces. Build Time: 3 hours and up
Level 5: Glue & Paint kit: Age as young as 14 and up, designed for an experienced hobbyist. Features: 120+ pieces. Build Time: 4 hours and up

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