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What's My Skill Level?

Revell model kits feature a skill level on the packaging-1, 2, or 3-which will help you identify the amount of skill and/or model building experience needed to allow the builder to get the full enjoyment from the kit. Let's look at each of them a bit more closely:

1-Basic-No painting, No glue necessary-Ages 8 and up

Skill Level 1 kits are found under a variety of names including Easy Kit®, Wheels of Fire™, SnapTite® and Thunder Squadron™. Skill Level 1 kits are molded in color, so no painting is needed to have a good looking replica when finished. They also are engineered to snap together without requiring the use of glues or cements. Skill Level 1 kits also typically feature a smaller number of parts as well as not too many very small parts. They're aimed at the younger builder as well as someone of any age that may not have too much model building experience or someone getting back into modeling after a number of years. Skill Level 1 kits also feature "peel and stick" type markings instead of the waterslide type decal found in our Skill Level 2 and 3 kits. No water, No glue, No paint, No mess!

2-Intermediate-Paint and Glue needed-Ages 10 and up

This is the largest group of kits under the Revell® and Monogram® names and are by far our most popular model kits. Most are molded in a neutral color such as white to make it easier to paint, as most traditional modelers prefer to do. The molded color will appear in the information section on the boxside as well as the approximate number of parts contained in the kit. The greater the part count, the greater the number of smaller parts and thus, the greater the detail. Revell kits have long been known as the industry leader in authentic model kits and you'll find the level of detail to be truly amazing. Glue or cement will be needed to assemble the parts of your kit. Skill Level 2 kits also feature traditional waterslide type decals. Waterslide decals offer greater detail, more colors and are much thinner than peel and stick markings for more realism.

3-Advanced-Paint and Glue needed-Ages 12 and up

Skill Level 3 kits are our most advanced kits and offer an appropriate level of detail and authenticity. Frequently extra parts are also supplied for multiple building versions. We suggest the builder have some previous model building experience before tackling a Skill Level 3 kit due to the complexity of some of the assemblies and/or the multiple color painting schemes needed. Skill Level 3 kits also require glue or cement for assembly and feature waterslide decal sets, some of which are quite elaborate.

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