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There are several model building forums on the internet, the following are a sample of the most active and helpful. As with any public forum, Revell assumes no responsibility for the views and opinions expressed in each site. Revell also does not guarantee the information found in these sites. The views and opinions expressed are always that of the author.
This site has good discussion and covers Airplane, cars and armor.
This comprehensive forum is a "must visit" for any model building enthusiast. It is a great general resource for model builders.
This site has possibly the largest build-up, how to, and review section on the web for model aircraft. Almost every Revell Monogram® kit ever produced has been featured at least twice on this site.
Established for those sharing interest in the famous 57 Chevy competition car, the "Black Widow".
This unique site is dedicated to Airplanes and is all in Spanish.
An interactive site that provides scale model projects with exciting themes, information and products that are truly useful to the modeling hobbyist and collector!

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