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Porsche Carrera RS 3.0 Black

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Porsche Carrera RS 3.0 Black Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-7058

Skill level: 4
Scale: 1:25
Length: 174 mm
Parts: 84

To the victor go the spoilers

The first Porsche Carrera models appeared in 1972; the racing-optimized RS 3.0 version debuted two years later. An air-cooled 3-liter engine delivered 149 mph (240 km/h) top speeds, while the large, "whale tail" rear spoiler gave the RS 3.0 a super-sleek profile. Kit features an authentically reproduced chassis, a multi-part six-cylinder engine with separate air filter, a multi-part Spartan interior with authentic dashboard, a one-piece body, separate bumpers, a rear spoiler, a detailed hood, filigree shock absorbers and wheel suspension, assorted chrome parts and decals with international markings.


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