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1/72 British Infantry (Modern)

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1/72 British Infantry (Modern) Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 80-2519

Skill level: 4
Scale: 1:72
Number of figures: 48
Parts: 56

A lot to live up to

In the first and second world wars, the British Army mustered over 3 million men. Today, a much reduced force of just over 100,000 active duty soldiers guards the interests of England and the international community. This force is clearly numerically inferior, but the superiority of their training, weaponry, logistics, and cooperation with other branches of the British Military makes up for sheer lack of numbers. In recent years, the Army has fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Balkans. Kit features soldiers in a variety of poses, L9A1 51mm mortar, snipers, anti-tank rocket launcher, 7.62mm machine gun, SA80 rifle.

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