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BSA Wheel Adjustment Tool

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Wheel Adjustment Tool™ package

Pinewood DerbyWheel Adjustment Tool™

Product ID: RMXY9616

Do seven pre-race checks with this one simple tool!

Winning takes more than just speed — it takes preparation and paying close attention to details. And it doesn't do any good to have the fastest car around if it doesn't meet the official guidelines.

This tool will help you make sure your car is fast and legal when race day comes. Here's how you do it!

A. Make sure it's legal

Step 1. Check the length: Pinewood Derby® cars can't be longer than 7 in. (177.8 mm). To measure, look for a number "1" on either end of the tool. Then, turn it upside down and place your car in the notch between them. Your car must be able to fit inside the notch.

Step 2. Check the width: Pinewood Derby® cars must not exceed 2-3/4" (69.8 mm) in width, when measured across the wheels. The bottom of the tool also has a notch with a "2" on either end. Your car must fit inside the notch to be legal.

B. Make sure it's fast.

Step 3. Check axle alignment: Wheels that roll "true" (with no side-to-side movement) roll fastest. Turn your car upside down, and align one end of the tool with the nose of your car. The three lines by the number "3" on each end should line up exactly with your axles.

Step 4: Check wheel clearance: Turn the tool on its right end, and find the number "4," the "clearance notch." Then, slip the notch down onto the axle between the wheel and the car body. Push in on the wheel until it fits snugly against the tool. Repeat for the three other wheels.     

Step 5: Check wheel alignment: Turn your car over, and lay the tool on the bottom of the chassis. Press the bottom edge of the tool against the front and rear wheels on one side. Make sure that the entire surface of both wheels is pressed against the tool. Then, adjust the wheels on the other side of the car, so that the front and back wheel both align to the same line on the tool. Repeat for the other side of the car.   

Step 6. Check bottom clearance: Put the car on a flat, smooth surface. Slide the piece marked "6" under the nose of your racer, and then move it back toward the rear of your car. The piece should slide underneath the car without touching. If it doesn't, your car could "bottom out" and lose speed to friction.

Step 7. Check camber: Put the car on a smooth flat surface, and stand the tool on its bottom edge. Push the "tall" side (the one that has a "6" and "1" on the end) against one wheel, and hold the tool straight up and down. The entire side of the wheel should be touching the tool. It if is not, adjust the axle until it does. Repeat for the other wheels.


  • It's best to do Steps 1 and 2 as soon as you've finished your racer. That leaves you the most time to make any changes. Don't wait until right before race day.
  • Do Steps 3-7 on the day of the race, and as close to race time as possible. That way, there's less chance that your car's adjustment will be accidentally changed — and more chance that your car will be in top condition to race and win!

Includes: (1) Wheel Adjustment Tool™

Optional tools and accessories:

Ages: 8+

Choking HazardWARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Boy Scouts of America Official Licensee

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