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Estes Control Star Strike

Star Strike: color it airborne!

If you want to make sure something gets noticed, color it red. Fire trucks are red. Stop signs are red. And the Star Strike™? That's red, too.

You can't miss it in the air; the bold red against a blue sky makes the Star Strike™ simple to spot. That means it's easier for you to track — and easier for everyone else to see just how much it can do.

It's also easy to get flight-ready: put "AA" batteries in the radio, charge the onboard battery…and you're ready for up to 10 minutes of effortless flying or hard-charging stunts.

Skill Level 2

Great for pilots with some experience.

The Mad Cat has all of these features!


The 2.4GHz controller links only to your aircraft, so you can fly with other pilots.


Flies easily in any open outdoor area.


Connects to the controller for fast recharging.


Flies up to 500 feet (152 meters)!


  • The assembled Star Strike™
  • 2.4GHz Controller w/charge cord
  • LiIon flight battery
  • (2) Spare propellers
  • Requires:  

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