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Estes Control Airplanes

Ready for takeoff at your convenience!

A first-class flight costs less than you might think — especially with an Estes Control airplane. They're factory-assembled, so they can go straight from the box to the flight line. And they're so complete that all you need to add are a few "AA" batteries.

No runway needed; they takeoff when you give them a gentle toss straight into the wind. And once you're airborne, you'll quickly discover what the thrill of flying really is.

It's part freedom, part thrills, part satisfaction — and all Estes Control.

Star Strike
Star Strike Wild Sky

Here's what Estes Control aircraft have to offer!


The 2.4GHz controller included with all Estes Control airplanes offers today's most dependable and interference-free way to fly. Its designed to link to only one aircraft — yours — so you can fly with other pilots anytime.

Recharchable Battery

The airplane's LiIon flight battery charges directly from the controller. Just extend the charge cord from the controller and plug it into the aircraft.

Indoor or Outdoor

These planes can be flown safely in a park, playground, football field or any other large, grassy open area.


With the battery fully charged, your airplane has a range of up to 500 feet (152 meters) and a flight time of up to 10 minutes.

    Both Include:

  • The assembled airplane
  • 2.4GHz controller w/charge cord
  • LiIon flight battery
  • (2) Spare propellers
  • Requires:  

What size suits you best?

Like clothes, airplanes come in different sizes. And what you want to do is find an airplane that's just right for the airfield you have. Simple rule: the bigger the plane, the more space you need to fly safely. Good bets: parks, playgrounds, open fields, or any other large, open grassy area free of people, pets, trees, power lines and other structures.

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