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Estes Control Helicopters

Go straight up and into adventure!

Fixed wing aircraft (airplanes) are one thing. But aircraft with rotor blades? They're something special. There's no need for a runway; you can take off and go straight up, just like an elevator — and then hover motionless in mid-air for as long as you like.

Estes Control gives you two exciting choices in rotory aircraft.

Both share many of the same features and equipment, but each also has advantages and items that make it unique.

With Estes Control, you have no place to go but up!

Firestrike Copperhead

Here's what Estes Control aircraft have to offer!

Indoor or Outdoor

This icon shows where your aircraft can be safely flown: only in the house — or in the house and outside, too.


There's a built-in gyro in each model, which helps keep it level and stable for smooth, easy flying.


When there's no light to fly by, Estes Control aircraft provide their own. Bright LED lights make them easy to track — even in total darkness!

Recharchable Battery

All Estes Control aircraft include a LiPo flight battery. Some recharge on the controller; others include separate AC chargers. But all help get you back in the air fast!


With the included controller, you can make your model fly just like full-size helis: up and down, forward and backward, left or right — even combine them for exciting new maneuvers.

2.4 GHz

With 2.4GHz technology, your model can "learn" to respond to just one signal: the one from your controller. That means that you can fly with a group of friends and stay in complete control of your model.

    All Aircraft Include:

  • The assembled model
  • Controller
  • LiPo flight battery
  • (4) Spare main blades
  • Note: some aircraft include even more.
    See individual product pages for details.

Here's one last thing to consider: size.

With aircraft, size is important because it dictates where you can fly safely.

Compact models are designed for indoor use. Machines with larger rotor blades can be used indoors or flown outdoors.

Always remember: the best places to fly are large open areas. Good choices for indoor aircraft include garages, gyms and living rooms; for indoor/outdoor aircraft, look for open areas in parks, playgrounds and fields.

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