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Service and Support

Revell takes pride in its product. We make every effort to provide the best quality product and value in the market. It is our goal to ensure that you receive what you need in perfect condition and that you have the most enjoyable building experience. For these reasons we provide to you various service options and support.

Parts Replacement - Revell US and Germany Model Kits

Please note: This policy applies to consumers residing in the U.S. or Canada ONLY. All other customers should contact Revell of Germany directly at

Revell model kits are subject to extensive quality checks during the manufacturing process to ensure they leave our warehouse in perfect condition. Even with our best effort a part may be missing or broken. Upon opening your product and inspecting its contents you always have the option to return the item to the merchant for an exchange in accordance with the store's policy.

There are two options to submit a parts replacement order through Revell:

Online: Use the Online Parts Request Form to have your order fulfilled. The time to fulfill your order can take up to 4 weeks. You can check your order status by using the link on this page. You will NOT receive emails confirming your order or updates on your order status. Your confirmation number confirms we have received your order. If the part(s) requested are no longer available you will receive an email notification.

Please note that fulfilment of orders for Revell Germany product may take up to 8 weeks.

Regular Mail: You may mail in your parts request, however, processing time may take up to 12 weeks. To send your replacement parts request via regular mail please send the following information:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your complete mailing address
  3. A phone number where you can be reached
  4. The kit number (found on the instruction sheet or side of the box),
  5. The name of your kit
  6. The part number for which you are requesting replacement (refer to your instruction sheet for the part number if you are not certain). If you need a new instruction sheet please note it separately as "Instruction Sheet".
  7. A description for the missing or defective part
  8. An explanation for why you need a replacement
  9. Your proof of purchase (the bar code found on the box) or a copy of your sales receipt.

Mail your information to:   Revell Consumer Services
Attn: Parts Replacement
1850 West Howard, Suite A
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Additional Parts Replacement Policies and Conditions:

Our policy is to have replacement parts available for up to 3 years after an item's last production date or until supplies last, whichever comes first.

If a kit is missing an extensive number of pieces, or is severely damaged, the first course of action is to return the kit to the place of purchase.

If the vendor does not accept returns, we may request that the complete kit be returned to Revell for review, at your expense.). If it is determined that missing parts or kit damage is Revell's fault, the kit will be replaced, at Revell's expense, with a similar kit. If it is determined that the kit met all of our quality expectations, Revell will return the original kit to the sender, with no additional responsibility on Revell's side.

If the kit was purchased from a reputable retailer like those found on our web site and, after removing shrink wrap, a part is missing or broken, Revell will provide a reasonable number of replacement parts at no charge. The Revell Parts Dept. will determine if any part(s) order has exceeded a reasonable amount. However, we make every effort to assist our customers.

Revell reserves the right to modify or refuse any part(s) order.

Technical and Model Building Support:

Revell receives many questions on a daily basis regarding assembling and painting model kits. Prior to calling please visit "Frequently Asked Questions" for information which may resolve any issues as well as provide some really great model building ideas.

Our model building tech support service is available by email or by phone. We recommend using email as your first choice, please write to us at Our 800 phone line is also available to assist you with your model kit building questions. Since there is not someone to answer this line at all times, you will need to leave a message and a tech person will call you back. Please note that this line is not for replacement part requests. If you need a replacement part please use one of the two methods above. Our tech support number is 1-800-833-3570.

For tips and techniques you may also find useful information at these resources: for painting products and support

For assistance with your Revell R/C product, wood/balsa, or hobby tools please email  Support of Revell Germany products is limited to customers located in the USA & Canada. All other are required to contact Revell Germany
Hobby Services
3002 N. Apollo Drive, Suite 1
Champaign, IL 61822
Attn: Service Department
  Revell GmbH & Co. KG
Henschelstrasse 20-30
D-32257 Bunde

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