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Revell of Germany Paint Guide

In every Revell of Germany kit painting directions are provided for the building of the model. These directions reference the line of hobby paints sold by Revell of Germany in Europe. However, these paints are not imported into North America and are not available. So in an effort to help model builders in North America, the chart below provides comparable paints more readily available. It lists the 3 most popular brands found in local stores. While many have a different name than the Revell Germany color, the actual colors have been matched as closely as possible. Please note the RAL number references the Official German Military Color system similar to the USA Federal Standards guide used by the American military.

We hope you find this guide helpful and we welcome your comments.

TES_Revell_Paint_Match_Guide.pdf (106 KB)

Thank you to Testors for providing this paint match guide.

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