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Parts Request Form

This form is ONLY for replacement parts requests for Revell US & Germany plastic model kits. If you have any other questions, inquiries, or comments please contact us at Thank you!

First/Last name* *First AND Last name are BOTH required for shipment*
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Kit Number* Kit Description* Part number* Part Description* Quantity*

When no part number is available, please put "NA".

Please provide reason for this request in the space below.*

*Denotes required field.

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Please first check the box marked "I am not a robot". Once you check this box you will be shown 1 of 2 options. First option: the box will turn green and you may hit "Submit" to send your order. Second option you will see a series of pictures. Click on each picture as directed. Once you complete this you will be able to hit "Submit" to send your order.

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